Addington Gardens Cider
Addington Gardens Cider

Addington Gardens             Apple Cider Vinegar

Our Apple Cider Vinegar is made from our Cider.  It has to be made elsewhere at the Cidery to protect our cider from becoming vinegar!  The cider is allowed to naturally acetifiy over a period of 2 years to produce a mellow vinegar.  


We cannot make any health claims about our product, but here is what a few people are saying...





From Christine:


My digestive problems and acid reflux seem cured, my husband's blood sugar levels and cholesterol reduced and I feel much fitter than I have for twenty years thanks to Addington Aplle Cider Vinegar, which was my first taste of the stuff.


From Donna:


I can still taste the cider in it. Which makes it so much easier to take. I take it every day in an effort to help decrease my M.E symptoms. Thank you

Your biggest fan





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03 10 2020  Made it to Thrapston Farmer's Market and had a great time.  Hope to see you all again on the 7th November!


15 08 2020  Pressing is now underway!  Please bring us your windfalls the more the better and in return we will provide you withcider made from your own fruit!


02 08 2020 OK.  A bit of an experiment in very early cider pressing. Press today, I'll be back in a few weeks to let you know if it is a success.