Addington Gardens Cider
Addington Gardens Cider

Addington Gardens Cider

Addington Gardens Cider is a pretty unique concept.  We use apples from the gardens of the Addingtons and the surrounding villages in East Northamptonshire and we make an artisan, bottle-conditioned, biodynamic cider.

We are passionate about cider!


Technically, cider only has to have 36% fruit juice in it, the rest is, well we don't know what!


Our cider is made without adding sulphites, colourings, water, sweeteners, or anything else!  It is made like you'd expect it to be, from 100% apple juice (with the occasional pear!)  


We do add Young's Cider Yeast to ensure a healthy fermentation - there's nothing worse than all of the physical effort of making the cider being ruined by some errant yeasts!


We add a very small amount of sugar to bottle-condition and get some fizz. It is made in small batches so the end product can be variable, but always a pleasure.



Registered Cidery:

Addington Gardens Cider

Woodford Road

Great Addington


NN14 4BS

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Tel: 07501 103032


03 10 2020  Made it to Thrapston Farmer's Market and had a great time.  Hope to see you all again on the 7th November!


15 08 2020  Pressing is now underway!  Please bring us your windfalls the more the better and in return we will provide you withcider made from your own fruit!


02 08 2020 OK.  A bit of an experiment in very early cider pressing. Press today, I'll be back in a few weeks to let you know if it is a success.